Music: Babies make me happy

Call me corny if you like. I can take it, because when I saw the pictures of Beyonce this morning announcing her pregnancy it made me smile. Whatever your opinion on either she or her husband I love the fact that they did it in the old school way – fell in love, dated for a few years, got married then got pregnant. The money they make and the power they have they could have honestly became parents a long time ago but B did exactly as she had planned. I admire that and once again how she rocks the stage in those heels. I loved Jay’s face at the end ūüôā


Music: Kem

His voice is so distinctive. Yesterday ‘I cant stop loving you’ came on Sweet 100.1 FM here in Trinidad and though I had never heard it before it just took one sentence for me to identify Kem. It is equal parts mellow, seductive and caressing the way his voice translates those notes. This singer and songwriter first captured my affection with the song ‘Love Calls Your Name’ from his 2002 album ‘Kemistry’. He has released two more albums, the latest being the beautiful ‘Intimacy’ in 2010. He speaks about the complexes and his undying belief in love. If you have not fallen for Kem already, do yourself a favour and get his albums. For these songs below it is worth it ūüôā



TV: Jersey Shore

I like crappy reality TV. Especially in the summer months when most of my favorite shows are in hiatus. Jersey Shore is the pinnacle of trashy, car crash television. You spend most of an episode in awe of how vapid these individuals are and marvelling at what they do and say. So transplanting these real life caricatures in one of my favorite Italian cities is a can- -not-miss event. And the long awaited rumble between The Situation and Ronnie? Roll on August 4th!

TV: Dallas

While¬†I was doing my Alevels¬†and was for the first time not in classes all day I took the opportunity to watch all the episodes of Dallas, Dynasty and Knots Landing. One of the cable channels (sorry but the name escapes me) made my life by showing a new espisode¬†every week day and had an omnibus on the weekends. I was fulfilling a childhood curiosity. When these shows first came out in the 1980s, TTT (Trinidad and Tobago Television)¬†showed them long after my bedtime. I was very aware of their existence¬†but was not allowed watch it live due to the adult content and my strict bed time. The teenager in¬†me so was so excited to finally see these episodes. I devoured all the seasons and ridiculous storylines and loved every minute. So it will not be surprising to know that I am looking forward to seeing the new, revamped, modernised Dallas. It¬†stars my teenage crush¬†‘ Bobby’ and the man we all love to hate “JR Ewing” ¬†plus all the new hot faces. Sure I expect it to corny as hell but I care not. Just like 90210 I will be watching it religiously ūüôā

TV: Luther

Now that series 2 and its 4 episodes (? BBC!) has ended I can officially state that I loved it more than series 1. Though our introduction to John Luther and his complicated life was a memorable run (especially the final episode) there were still parts of it that felt, like too much. His anger and depression and occasional over acting overshadowed much of the detective work. But on this round the writing focussed more on the work and the people around him and only briefly touched on the despair we saw so much of before. My thoughts:

  • Idris has encapsulated the role of John. Last time there was too much focus on the angst and the actor seemed to still be fleshing out the character. Now I was more convinced by John Luther. The scene in the first episode where he played Russian roulette gave us all we needed to know about his continued sadness but then we got straight into the detective work and eventually gave his personal life something¬† (or should I say someone) else to dwell on.
  • The villains in this series were nothing short of terrifying. They didn’t walk around with I AM CRAZY tattoos on their forehead but instead while looking as calm as the man next door they carried out some gruesome acts. They seriously made my heart race a few times. Especially when you consider that psychos like that really could exist.
  • The new characters just settled into the story with no lengthy introductions and old stories were very quickly tied up.
  • Alice. Its not right but its OK but I like her and their little ‘love story’. Luther does care for the show’s resident psycho, that is obvious, but as he said he can never be sure¬†that she would not wake up one day and decide to kill him.
  • I was never convinced that Jenny was a teenager. Yes she had teh annoying voice but she had teh face and body of someone in their 20s!
  • Finale – The face off with the killer was both gripping and unexpected. I sat there thinking “How the hell is he going to get out of this?”¬† The reactions on Twitter all mirrored my own. John Luther is badass!
  • It is really refreshing to see a black lead detective on British television. One who is good at his job too.
  • I am confused that there were only 4 episodes. Come on BBC 1¬†and Idris. One more series and more episodes please!
  • I’ve been reading comments online about how unrealistic the show was. Forgive me but who cares? If I thought too hard about 90% of the things I watch (reality TV included) and read I would be upset about how unrealistic it is. Come on – its entertainment!!
  • There is a book people. Main writer Neil Cross has penned a prequel about John Luther. How did he become the man we see today? I am curious…
  • So round of applause BBC 1! I am impatiently waiting for series 3 to be commissioned and for Sherlock to return ūüôā

TV: True Blood

Horror¬†movies and shows are completely off of my viewing lists. I¬†don’t like feeling either anxious¬†or afraid!¬†But last year I broke my rule and started to watch True Blood. The opening sequence alone is gruesome but once I got past that I liked it. Vampires, telepaths, men who turned into dogs, yes very far out there. But it was funny. Sookie¬†Stackhouse is the a mixture of naivety, strange powers, comedy and fierce loyalty.

Now four seasons in I think my love fest with the show maybe over. I knew I was becoming weary at the end of season 3. Though the new characters were great, the old ones were becoming tedious to watch. And the gore factor had doubled. Now two episodes into season 4, I must admit that my enthusiasm is gone. When you find yourself wondering where else a show can go, it is never a good sign. Question is: should I give it another chance or leave it alone with my fond memories intact?

TV: Game of Thrones

Usually I am not a fan of fantasy dramas. The first and last time I really got into this genre was Lord Of the Rings. As much as I am a read-aholic fantasy books never made it onto my list. But having men as close friends you inevitable hear about these and comic books. It seems to be part of the male transition with many still reading them in adulthood.

I said all of this to emphasise that my brothers and a couple of male friends were on the ones who kept asking me if I had started to watch this HBO series. I had seen internet rumblings about it but it was not on my list of spring viewings. Well let’s just say that I regret not jumping onto the ‘bandwagon’ sooner.

This is a story that is not predictable. It is graphic, violent and therefore not every one’s ‘cup of tea’ but I promise it is a great hour of TV. This fictional country and its families and rulers parallel much of our medieval history with mythical Gods, animals and people thrown in.¬†Not to mention the eye candy ūüôā¬†You never know where this story will go to next. It will make you angry, sad and a little afraid of what will happen next. The season finale this weekend left enough anticipation to keep us viewers waiting¬† anxiously for 2012 (yes 2012! Oh HBO).

Now is as good a time as any to give it a try. I promise it will become your summer viewing staple.