Film: Caribbean Film Corner (Portobello Film Festival)

I first attended this yearly festival in 2009 and throughly enjoyed the evening. I am a great lover of filmmaking and all that it entails. It is such a fascinating and amazing tool for information and entertainment. Particularly in the last few years I have had a thirst for Caribbean films and documentaries. With Bollywood and […]

TV: Luther

Now that series 2 and its 4 episodes (? BBC!) has ended I can officially state that I loved it more than series 1. Though our introduction to John Luther and his complicated life was a memorable run (especially the final episode) there were still parts of it that felt, like too much. His anger and depression and […]

Life: Met Gala 2011

Every year when I see the pictures from the Met Gala I try to imagine what it must be like to be there. The pictures always present hive of activity. It is one ‘red carpet’ that is just heaving with people. Celebrities and designers side by side all the way up that wide staircase. You […]

Life: Osama and Wills and Kate

Who would have imagined that this Bank Holiday weekend would be punctuated by such contrasting events? I was unashamedly moved to tears by the Royal wedding on Friday. The dress was perfection and the obvious affection between the couple was heartwarming to witness. I understood that feeling of jubilation and British-ness that the crowds that lined […]

Life: Me. Now.

  1. Talk about playing with my emotions. They say Mad Men is coming back for a fifth season, giving me a burst of happiness, them they cut off my legs with a few buts. Like: not until March 2012, possibly no involvement from creator, shorter episodes and the loss of one or two main characters… like […]