Life: The Earth Quakes

I turn on the TV first thing every morning to Sky News. Then I spend the next hour getting ready for work and switching between News channels. On Friday the first bit of news, a break from Gaddafi’s madness, was the earthquake in Japan. Watching the subsequent Tsunami crash through everything in its way felt so surreal. […]

Finales Galore

Spoiler Alert! I have always wanted to write that!But jokes aside be warned. I have seen the finales for all my favorites and some may not have been broadcasted on UK TV yet. When I lived in New York this time of the year always felt like torture. All my shows would end and the […]

Gossip Girl Finale

GG has not been great this season. The writing has been lacklustre with the characters becoming more ridiculous by the week. Serena, her mother and her brother for that matter could all just go a long holiday because each week their acting abilities seem to get worse. But just when I was prepared to watch […]

The Good Wife

The name is apt. Alicia Florrick is the epitome of the good wife. Her husband, a powerful District Attorney, is accused of sleeping with high end call girls and taking bribes. He loses his job and is jailed for his alleged crimes. Alicia’s life as she knows it, changes at a speed she has no […]

Law and Order Special Letters Unit

This video manages to combine two of my favourite things. Sesame Street and Law and Order SVU!A Sesame Street love fest post is still to come but I will say this, is it not amazing the way they teach children about a letter? It is one of the many beautiful shows from my childhood.Enjoy the […]