Film: Caribbean Film Corner (Portobello Film Festival)

I first attended this yearly festival in 2009 and throughly enjoyed the evening. I am a great lover of filmmaking and all that it entails. It is such a fascinating and amazing tool for information and entertainment. Particularly in the last few years I have had a thirst for Caribbean films and documentaries. With Bollywood and […]

Life: A down-turned smile

I am sentimental. It’s a curse and a blessing because in the simplest of moments I find a way to frame it like a portrait in my head. Driving that night with the lukewarm breeze and the 80s love songs on the radio I felt happy and free and a little nostaglic. Remembering those times […]

Where in the world have you been?

Well the answer to that question is: home! Musings has been a Trini girl in Trinidad and Tobago and not good ole London. And in the process the blog has suffered 😦 Sad faces all around and a slap on the wrist for good measure. A trip home is never a  bad thing so there […]