Life: A down-turned smile

I am sentimental. It’s a curse and a blessing because in the simplest of moments I find a way to frame it like a portrait in my head. Driving that night with the lukewarm breeze and the 80s love songs on the radio I felt happy and free and a little nostaglic. Remembering those times […]

Where in the world have you been?

Well the answer to that question is: home! Musings has been a Trini girl in Trinidad and Tobago and not good ole London. And in the process the blog has suffered 😦 Sad faces all around and a slap on the wrist for good measure. A trip home is never a  bad thing so there […]

Kitchen memories with my Grandmothers.

Watching Rhodes Across The Caribbean has left me feeling homesick and made me think about both of my grandmothers. They were both amazing in the kitchen and have passed their skills down through the generations.          My paternal gran, who we affectionately called ‘Granny’, was born on the island of Montserrat. She moved to Trinidad […]

Sunday is beach day – UK edition

I let out a high pitched, gut trembling scream in the car this morning. Somewhere between Upper Norwood and West Norwood. I felt better as soon as it escaped my lips. All the frustrations and fears and whatever else is clouding my body needed to be released. I am at the helm of a transition […]