Life: Me. Now.

  1. Talk about playing with my emotions. They say Mad Men is coming back for a fifth season, giving me a burst of happiness, them they cut off my legs with a few buts. Like: not until March 2012, possibly no involvement from creator, shorter episodes and the loss of one or two main characters… like […]

Things that make me think hmmmm.

“All those who cry at weddings say I.” If that survey was done I would have to stand up, raise my hand and say ‘I’ at the top of my voice. It’s an involuntary act that usually occurs around the point when the bride walks down the aisle. I alternate between grinning inanely at the […]

Oscar Delight

I liked it. For the first time in years I did not struggle to stay up. I was alert until 5am. I enjoyed Hugh Jackman’s hosting. The musical numbers were ace. The set design was intimate. It was fin. BUT was an hour too long. So bits seemed like filler to me.Those that stood out: […]