Golden Globe Nominations

Let the awards season begin! All roads lead to the Oscars and these nominations give a nice idea of what to expect on Oscar night. Katie Holmes, Josh Duhamel and Blair Underwood read out the list of nominees, some expected, others a surprise, this morning. I expected to see the movies Inception, Blue Valentine, Black […]

Back to London with the memories keeping me afloat…

Watching Kembolicious drag Nigel down the hill at the Carib Village because she is always in a hurry! The Darkness the greeted us at Picard Beach! The Jelly fish that attacked Bobby’s bald head Waveney running away from the Lizards The sulphur springs at Screw’s. The best bath in the whole four days in Dominica […]

List no. 2 (not in order of importance)

Things I want: fantasy: an Apple laptop reality: a good laptop tickets to NYC and San Juan. I’m broke dammit! a sexy black dress for choir reunion a video ipod new shoes a job at a political think tank to travel the world for three months like Becks to pass my driving test a car […]