Jumping the Broom

I discovered this expression at some point in the late 1990s. I believe I heard it in a movie (maybe The Best Man) and was intrigued. According to Wikipedia: Jumping the broom is a phrase and custom relating to slave wedding ceremonies. In some African-American communities, marrying couples will end their ceremony by jumping over a […]

Back to London with the memories keeping me afloat…

Watching Kembolicious drag Nigel down the hill at the Carib Village because she is always in a hurry! The Darkness the greeted us at Picard Beach! The Jelly fish that attacked Bobby’s bald head Waveney running away from the Lizards The sulphur springs at Screw’s. The best bath in the whole four days in Dominica […]


Feels like Trinidad though it clearly isn’t. Has the quietest beach ever. Church finishes at 12 and they drag each song out to the max! Loves the Suite. Its like a mini apartment Spent EC$235 on groceries and we still don’t have enough! Feels like London is on another planet. Wishes the boys were here. […]