The Secret Things (continued)

Part 3Gemma met Matt at their favourite Thai restaurant in Soho. It was an intimate almost cavernous place with friendly staff and the food seemed to get more delicious every time they went there. The staff knew them now by name as they were there every Wednesday for lunch.Matt dipped his spoon into her curry, […]

The Secret Things…

Part 1:The muscles in his back seemed to flow under his skin. The movement was now familiar to her as were the smells and angles of his home. This was her Sunday ritual. Waking up at two, the blinds tightly shut, closing out the daylight and them tangled in the dull grey sheets of his […]

Random Words in Pimlico

There are just too many things going on and none of them excitingChanging like the weather, bright one day and struggling like grey clouds the nextI am driftingFilling the space with plans and executions and figuring out everyone else’s paths except my own Am driftingWhile I struggle with old feelings and new memories but stagnant […]

29/11/2004 – Remembering

I love youAnd that makes me a foolCause none of it’s returnedIt just lives inside of me, waiting. I love youWish you loved me backFelt me eyes on you every second you’re thereDrinking in your smile, your face I love youDreamt of you last nightThought it was real because I touched youYou touched me back…It […]


I fell into you.Stumbled on those damn five inch heels and felt myself crashing towards the floor but you got in the way and cushioned what would have been an embarrassing fall. Not that grabbing onto your nice leather jacket was not shame enough.“Sorry! Sorry!”I repeated it too many times after that but I wanted […]

The Missing Child.

1 Mark recognised her the moment he walked out of his office. She hadn’t changed much in the many years that had past. Apart from a longer hairstyle and slight roundness of her face she looked exactly the same. She was sitting at the edge of the reception couch clutching her bag and a bunch […]

A poem for no good reason.

If I was a man I would be tall,Say six foot something with big arms and long feet.If I was a man I would be a smiler,Not cocky and egotistical, just smiling cause I can.If I was a man I would love with all my heart,Show those I wanted to how to be strong and […]