Candice (version one)

Part 11It was probably about 2am but they didn’t realize it. Kelly had been up since eight o’clock and Tony had let her talk about whatever came to her head. It was either their usual topic about her wanting to be a teacher and what was stopping her, or stories about the characters at the […]

Candice continued

Part 6 Patchet Alvero was a good looking man. Five foot seven, with a head thick with curls and marble grey eyes. His skin was milky brown despite the sun that he worked under most days of the month. He was an oil man, working on the offshore rigs dotting the coast of Trinidad. He […]


Part 1Candice sat on the kitchen chair, silent. Kelly tried to cook without staring at her sister’s face. Trying to decipher what was in her head. Four year olds should be playing in the yard and watching TV. Chatting non-stop about nothing at all but Candice had been silent for the last two days. Her […]

Pedro was dead (Part 3)

       They made stops at three different banks. At each she had emptied accounts and filled up others. It was not a difficult process as the bank managers at each had helped her with the transactions. Pedro had helped two of them with their schooling and one had an outstanding debt so making […]

Pedro was Dead (Part 2)

Sonya sat on one of the large couches in the living room. The material was a pretty pattern made up of creams and browns and that made her nervous. With so many people about, one of them might spill their drink or food on her expensive Courts’ furniture. Food that had suddenly materialised and she […]

The Secret Things (more!)

Part 7“Mummy used to say that I was good at keeping secrets.” Gemma was lying next to Matt but her eyes were focused on the blades of the fan on the ceiling. He listened, knowing that she needed time to say whatever was on her mind.“She could trust me and tell anything and I wouldn’t […]

The Secret Things (continued)

Part 5Matthew Georgiadis looked at his phone for the third time in the last hour. There had been no answer to his emails, or calls for the last two days. He was now dangerously close to sending her a text. But that was something they never did. The calls were bad enough. He knew she […]