I wish…

I wish I had the uncluttered mind and unwavering innocence of my childhood. I want to take it like a quilt and wrap this adult mind in it, keeping out the chill of reality and age. Somewhere along the line I have become a cynic and desensitized to so many things. I wish I still […]

If he had not touched her shoulder she would have kept on walking. “Hi.” “Hey.” It was awkward and it was not the crowd of people they stood in the midst of that made it so. She tried in those minutes to remember the last time they spoke. It must have been years because the […]

More Ayana…

4 Hazel loved her mother but she did not understand her. She knew that despite the smiles, the polite conversation and the compliments, that her mother did not like Ayana. I was nothing obvious in her manner but anyone who knew her would be able to tell that she wasn’t happy. Everyone in the room […]

Ayana continued…

3 Gemma didn’t see her mother when she got home but she could hear her voice when she got into her bedroom. She was in the back yard directing the construction of a Marquee. Gemma looked out through her curtains to make sure Marilyn didn’t have a portable phone in her hand before she picked […]


A story I wrote a long time ago and as per usual did not complete. Reading it over again I feel like it is time to give it an ending… 1 It was quiet in Cayenna. The gentle tapping of the raindrops against the roof and the breeze that pushed the trees were the only […]


There was breakfast in my house. Half a loaf of bread, butter, cheese, some croissants, definitely hot chocolate but I needed to get out. I had been crouched over the Mac for the last three days, having miniature panic attacks every few hours as my fingers danced across the keyboard. The ideas were flowing but […]

Candice (version two)

Part 6 Patchet Alvero was a good looking man. Five foot seven, with a head thick with curls and marble grey eyes. His skin was milky brown despite the sun that he worked under most days of the month. He was an oil man, working on the offshore rigs dotting the coast of Trinidad. He […]