The first time I saw this spine tingling rendition of the Star Spangled banner was in a restaurant in San Fernando, Trinidad in the early 1990s. Daddy, my three brothers and I stared fixated at the screen as we ate and watched Whitney Houston effortlessly sing. This is the singer I have never forgotten. The one gifted with a voice that travelled over a range of notes and emotions as easily as you and I simply breathe. In the ensuing years and the controversies that clouded her and the obvious changes in that beautiful voice I have held onto the songs of my childhood. She was, with no contest a phenomenal gorgeous singer. Nobody does a ballad like Ms Houston. Another great talent has prematurely left this world and this is a time to pray for her daughter and her mother and all her family and friends she has left behind. What they have lost is even greater 😦


One thought on “Whitney

  1. Poor choices and bad company. Let it be a lesson to us all. She had a divine voice, but the drugs ruined that as well. RIP Whitney.

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