Films I want too see….

….even if they end up being corny or pointless. I have a habit of being sucked in by a good trailer and poster. I am the demographic that these advertisers seek. I get pumped up by a good 2 minute intro. That is not to say I love EVERY trailer. The worse are the ones that give you the whole story line and the best scenes (I am looking at you ‘Dream House‘). By the end I have no interest in watching the 2 hour version!

Here are some that have on my to see list for this year:

Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol


Footloose 2011

Go on laugh but I love the 1980s version so much that I must see the remake!


The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo 2011

I have read the trilogy, seen the Swedish films and I am now excited to see this ‘Hollywood’ version because it looks like it will follow the book more closely than the original did.




The Black Power Mixtape 1967 -1975


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