Film: Caribbean Film Corner (Portobello Film Festival)

I first attended this yearly festival in 2009 and throughly enjoyed the evening. I am a great lover of filmmaking and all that it entails. It is such a fascinating and amazing tool for information and entertainment. Particularly in the last few years I have had a thirst for Caribbean films and documentaries. With Bollywood and Nollywood generating hundreds of reels per year, I yearn to see the Caribbean doing the same and producing quality productions that audiences will embrace. Well the Caribbean Film Corner is an excellent way to see both full length and short films, documentaries and animation created by people in the Caribbean diaspora. And the most amazing thing is that it is FREE!

So please check out the website and their  Facebook page and come to one of the programmes from the 14th to 17th Sept 2011. I promise it is worth a visit!


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