TV: Dallas

While I was doing my Alevels and was for the first time not in classes all day I took the opportunity to watch all the episodes of Dallas, Dynasty and Knots Landing. One of the cable channels (sorry but the name escapes me) made my life by showing a new espisode every week day and had an omnibus on the weekends. I was fulfilling a childhood curiosity. When these shows first came out in the 1980s, TTT (Trinidad and Tobago Television) showed them long after my bedtime. I was very aware of their existence but was not allowed watch it live due to the adult content and my strict bed time. The teenager in me so was so excited to finally see these episodes. I devoured all the seasons and ridiculous storylines and loved every minute. So it will not be surprising to know that I am looking forward to seeing the new, revamped, modernised Dallas. It stars my teenage crush ‘ Bobby’ and the man we all love to hate “JR Ewing”  plus all the new hot faces. Sure I expect it to corny as hell but I care not. Just like 90210 I will be watching it religiously 🙂


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