If he had not touched her shoulder she would have kept on walking.
It was awkward and it was not the crowd of people they stood in the midst of that made it so.
She tried in those minutes to remember the last time they spoke. It must have been years because the memory was faded.
“I just wanted to say hello.” His quietly spoken words filled the silence between them and she heard them despite the noises of the busy street.
It felt almost like the uncomfortable meeting of old lovers. The truth was that they simply used to be friends.
“Well it was good seeing you.” She touched his arm lightly and managed to smile. His smile in return tried to be happy but ended up being joyless. They parted ways abruptly then.
For a minute she remembered the laughter and the secrets and tears and the words they had once shared. She remembered the moment when it had all unravelled. But time made those memories seem like an old film reel of two people she no longer knew.
The rain started to fall suddenly and she opened her umbrella. Thoughts of her next errand occupying her mind now. She knew she would probably recount meeting him later and talk about how it felt seeing someone she used to care about so deeply. But she also knew in the end she would sigh and say,
“It was like I was talking to a stranger. Funny how that happens eh?”

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