Old Blogs Revisited 2: 15.47

I wrote this one afternoon at work. At 15:47pm to be exact. I sometimes imagine what the next chapter to this would be…

I fell into you.

Stumbled on those damn five inch heels and felt myself crashing towards the floor but you got in the way and cushioned what would have been an embarrassing fall. Not that grabbing onto your nice leather jacket was not shame enough.

“Sorry! Sorry!”I repeated it too many times after that but I wanted to change that ‘what the f…’ expression on your face.

“Its alright love. Are you OK?”

You grabbed my forearm and elbow and managed to hold me up though gravity wanted me on the ground.

“Yes. I’m sorry.”

I straightened up as quickly as I could but felt the tremble in my calves as I balanced myself on those beautiful red stilettos. The ones I had no damn place buying but they looked too good to ignore.

“Maybe its the shoes?”

I jerked my eyes up to yours and unintentionally showed my annoyance. I knew I couldn’t walk in them! Why the hell were you reminding me? You put your hands up in mock protection, a smirk forming on your cheek.

“I’m just saying. Don’t hit me now.”

“Thanks. I apologise for almost knocking you down. I just need to walk a little slower.”

Your eyes creased and a smile crept into them. I knew a another smart remark was going to cross your lips.

Nice introduction eh?

Hot chocolate for me and a cappuccino for you and we were still talking a few hours later. Why?

“So how long are you here?”

Maybe it was the English accent but that stop mattering two hours ago.I told you my name and my destination and too many other details that a stranger should never know but my lips couldn’t stop moving. You laughed, sipped your coffee and listened like you wanted to be there.

“So this is your last big thing before…”

“Yes I guess it is.”

“And then?”

The words bounced around my head for longer than they should.

“I move on?”

A question for a question. I couldn’t give you more than that. ‘And then’ was the one statement that I had been avoiding. I knew it would make me rational and I was enjoying this madness of mine too much.You tapped your finger against the paper cup and thought about what you should say. I wanted to laugh because I knew you would not find the words. How could you when they did not exist?

“I have to go.”

I reached out for my purse and heard you sigh so looked up at you instead.

“Let me take you. I know where …”

“Black cabs are frequent here. One will take me there quicker. Thank you for the offer though.”

I pulled myself up and tucked my purse under my arm. Saw my reflection in the glass behind and it made me smile. I looked good, ridiculous heels and all.

“It was nice meeting you.”

I stretched out my hand and watched you hesitate before you took it.

“It was…..”

“Yes it was…” but you pulled me towards you before I could finish. Your breath was warm against my ear and you spoke before surprise or any other emotion could creep into my skin.

“Call me in ten minutes.”

Just when we had managed to make it last you had to be the one to break the spell. I looked at you and shook my head, watched that smile crease your eyes again.

“You never play fair Ben….”

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