Till death do us part??

In my idle romantic musings I have imagined that on the first day of marriage – most likely the day you exchange vows and pay for hundreds of people to eat, drink and be merry – my husband would be at his most attentive. He would have is arm around me at every chance, match my dreamy looks and multiple kisses and generally proceed to make all those around us gush and throw up in equal measure. Even more so in a situation like the one in the video below, my new husband would be my protector and general knight in shining armour. Well maybe this is my wake up call to the true realities of love. When you are suddenly submerged, head and all, underwater be happy your bridesmaids are there you help you out…while your betrothed high tails it to the shore line. Pure comedy! Enjoy 🙂



The first time I saw this spine tingling rendition of the Star Spangled banner was in a restaurant in San Fernando, Trinidad in the early 1990s. Daddy, my three brothers and I stared fixated at the screen as we ate and watched Whitney Houston effortlessly sing. This is the singer I have never forgotten. The one gifted with a voice that travelled over a range of notes and emotions as easily as you and I simply breathe. In the ensuing years and the controversies that clouded her and the obvious changes in that beautiful voice I have held onto the songs of my childhood. She was, with no contest a phenomenal gorgeous singer. Nobody does a ballad like Ms Houston. Another great talent has prematurely left this world and this is a time to pray for her daughter and her mother and all her family and friends she has left behind. What they have lost is even greater 😦


Something about the dawn of a new year gives me so much hope. No matter what happened in the last 12 months the excitement of the new months approaching is intoxicating. I can start over. I can look forward to all the possibilities. Thoughts of the bad things that could happen never occur. My hopes for this New Year is that

  • I smile more
  • Laugh everyday
  • Ignore the weather and focus on the sunshine in my heart
  • Pray more
  • Focus on building my dreams
  • Seeing more of this beautiful world – inside and out of the UK
  • Tell those that I love, that I love them, every chance I get

I hope this New Year, with all its celebrations (the Queen, the Olympics etc etc), is a great one for you too.  Never be afraid to dream big and see the beauties in this world. These things get us through the inevitable bad times. This is the start of my 5th year of blogging and I still love it. Let’s hope ‘musings’ becomes better and better!

 I pray you have a fantastic 2012 🙂

Films I want too see….

….even if they end up being corny or pointless. I have a habit of being sucked in by a good trailer and poster. I am the demographic that these advertisers seek. I get pumped up by a good 2 minute intro. That is not to say I love EVERY trailer. The worse are the ones that give you the whole story line and the best scenes (I am looking at you ‘Dream House‘). By the end I have no interest in watching the 2 hour version!

Here are some that have on my to see list for this year:

Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol


Footloose 2011

Go on laugh but I love the 1980s version so much that I must see the remake!


The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo 2011

I have read the trilogy, seen the Swedish films and I am now excited to see this ‘Hollywood’ version because it looks like it will follow the book more closely than the original did.




The Black Power Mixtape 1967 -1975

Music: Someone Like you

Wow! So here I am blogging again exactly a month later. It has been an eventful few weeks for me. Changes, illness, and other things that have taken up a lot of my time and energy. Music has been the soundtrack through it all. My audio diet has consisted mainly of uptempo fare from soca to hip hop to feel-good ditties but one album I can not resist is Adele’s album 21. The video for the ballad ‘Someone Like You’ is simple, is filmed in black and white in one of my favorite cities. It is as moody and beautiful as the song…

Film: Caribbean Film Corner (Portobello Film Festival)

I first attended this yearly festival in 2009 and throughly enjoyed the evening. I am a great lover of filmmaking and all that it entails. It is such a fascinating and amazing tool for information and entertainment. Particularly in the last few years I have had a thirst for Caribbean films and documentaries. With Bollywood and Nollywood generating hundreds of reels per year, I yearn to see the Caribbean doing the same and producing quality productions that audiences will embrace. Well the Caribbean Film Corner is an excellent way to see both full length and short films, documentaries and animation created by people in the Caribbean diaspora. And the most amazing thing is that it is FREE!

So please check out the website http://www.caribbeanfilmcorner.com and their  Facebook page and come to one of the programmes from the 14th to 17th Sept 2011. I promise it is worth a visit!